out of the box

We're breaking the guacamole mold. Avocados are one of natures healthiest foods, and we've used their creamy, nutrient packed goodness to make the worlds unhealthiest condiment, HEALTHY. 

Aveyo Life is about so much more than healthy, avocado based foods. We're here to create products that change the food industry for the better, and live through the battles with some awesome people. We chose to name our company Aveyo Life because we not only want to advocate for change 3 meals a day, but we want to create a brand that endorses wellbeing across the breadth of ones' entire lifestyle. We hope you'll give our products a shot, and if you like what you see in our company and taste in our products, join us.


We're very proud to have a production and sales partnership with Calavo Growers of Santa Paula California. They are the world leader in fresh avocado packing and they produce the worlds best guacamole. Together, we're harnessing each others strengths to fulfill a shared vision for Aveyo.