Some say that trying to maintain your ideals in the food industry is a losing battle. I say not anymore. There are a lot of factors that lead to success, and one of the biggest advantages that small brands have is the internet and social media. People want transparency and when one unhappy person raises their voice, it change the behavior of a lot of people. The Food Babe is a perfect example. A lot of people try to poke holes in her motives but I applaud her. She's made some of the biggest food companies accountable for their poor decisions and short cuts, changing the food industry for the better. On the flip side, when people rally behind a new product, they can go viral. For the first time in history, consumers don't have to settle with what they're given at the local grocery store. Their awareness is changing the behavior of grocery store buyers, bringing in smaller brands and booting out the old. We at Aveyo Life will continue to earn the confidence of our customers and by doing so, we'll earn for our place in the market. Join the revolution.

- with love, Ryan (founder)