In 2014, "Organic" sales were up 12% & sales of products labeled "NonGMO" were up 10%. The market, from a big picture perspective, is changing. While consumes are demanding more, growers and producers are adding more to the marketplace. While this cycle continues, the virtues of free market mechanics will increase competition, and in the process reduce costs and increase quality. This is what makes our free market system great.

The annoying part is the shear fact that producers, like us, must pay for pricey inspections, and license labels for every little claim, i.e. nonGMO, vegan, gluten free, etc. Just to prove that we use minimal processing aids. While the companies taking short cuts, spraying nasty pesticides, herbicides, and using GMO seeds get their products to market cheaper! Logically, you'd think the economics would be in favor of producing food with the fewest processing aids and minimal environmental impact. But no. I think we should turn the tables. These other companies should be forced to pay for and display emblems illustrating the pesticides, herbicides, and genetic alterations used in the creation of their products. HAH. Yup. That'll show'm.

But in reality, back here on planet earth, this is where government regulation is supposed to act in the best interest of the people. Unfortunately, our system has a serious flaw. Politicians need money to run campaigns, and big corporations have money. So the equation is simple. It's worth spending a million bucks to sway legislation when the impact to their bottom line is 10 million. So our politicians indirectly compete for votes, through campaign donations. It's a bad system, and this is just one of the many ways the public gets the butt end.

How do you fix it? Well there is no overnight solution, but you don't have to wait till an election year to vote. In fact, you vote every single time you take money out of your wallet. Whatever you're buying, you're endorsing and voting for more of that companies practices - good or bad. So let's keep voting for what we really want. I bet organic  / nonGMO sales for 2015 will be up 15-20% Agree???