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Aveyo® is the markets only avocado based mayo. We start by pureeing the avocado at the peak of ripeness, and use it in place of the eggs and most of the oil. This simple substitution might make Aveyo the worlds healthiest mayo, while being remarkably creamy and delicious. 

Pride in what's inside (and not)

In: Hass Avocado, White Vinegar, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, and Lime Juice
Out: Preservatives, Canola, Soy, Eggs, Sugar, and Gums

  • nongmo
  • paleo
  • gluten free
  • preservative free
  • vegan
  • low glycemic


Our 5 ingredients:

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Always Fresh packaging

Aveyo is a fresh, refrigerated product. Freeze the pouches for up to a year.