Spoonable Avocado

Aveyo® Spoonable Avocado™ is a new product, created to make healthy snacking easier than ever. We use fresh hass avocados, pureed at the peak of ripeness, then mixed with simple ingredients to create a delicious and creamy snack with superfood nutritional’s.
Avocado Made Easy™

• non-GMO
* top 8 allergen free
• plant based & dairy free
• zero natural flavors added
• only 3-5 ingredients
• zero preservatives
• zero gums added
• all natural

Our Products

Aveyo Yogurts 052 COCOA comp2.png

Super cocoa

Who says chocolate can’t be healthy?! That’s why we’ve created Super Cocoa Spoonable Avocado, with a super creamy texture and a dark chocolate flavor, that’s not too sweet. You can’t go wrong with chocolate & superfood!

Aveyo Yogurts 052 VANILLA comp.png

Vanilla bean

With authentic vanilla flavor, from premium Mexican vanilla seeds and extract, mixed with super creamy avocado, this flavor packs a wow factor that’s hard to beat. This is Ryan’s favorite!

Aveyo Yogurts 052 (STRAWBERRY) comp2.png


Sometimes you need to keep it simple, With only 3 ingredients, fresh avocados, big chunks of strawberries, and a touch of organic cane sugar, this flavor is sure to delight. This is Tony’s go-to flavor!