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Avocado nutrition with the convenience of yogurt


Products For Home - AD

Avocado nutrition with the convenience of yogurt

We think eating avocados should be easy.

Aveyo Spoonable Avocado is superfood for people on the go. We’ve taken the fuss out of eating avocados - no more knives, no more guesswork. Just perfectly ripe and delicious Hass avocados every time.


What makes us different.


Power-packed avocado nutrition.

Paragraph about avocado nutrition. Packed with monosaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Protect against disease, cancer, promote brain health, keep you feeling full, what are the other benefits of avocados that we want to reinforce?


Superfood on the go.

Paragraph about the convenience, the use cases, at the office, great breakfast, snack, etc.


Amazing taste and texture.

Paragraph talking about taste e.g. We’ve spent a year and half working with avocado experts to come up with a formula that has the perfect amount of creaminess with just a little sweetness. Other plant-based yogurts don’t even come close.


Simple, clean ingredients.

Paragraph covering 3-5 all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, non-GMO, allergen free, gluten free.



Learn about our 3 delicious flavors.